Wont He do it


Just last summer I got arrested for possession of marijuana at a place I had smoked many of times before, but on the day of my arrest  the vibe was completely different. There was just something off, something that was telling me that this may not be the best idea, signs that were trying to warn me but I didn’t listen, I just kept on going. I got arrested that day and was put on probation for 3 months which meant in order for me to have no record  that I could not smoke or drink or I’d run the risk of being arrested again and possibly having a criminal record. I needed strength to fight my temptations to smoke and drink and get on and from years of attending church I knew that the only way I could find strength to overcome my temptations was through GOD, so I started praying again during those 3 months, asking GOD for strength not to smoke or drink. To help give me more support and strength during my probation my mom reminded me of a prayer book that I had received as a gift, a book called Prayers that Avail Much, which by the way I highly recommend. This book had a specific prayer that I would pray every day and night about temptations and it really helped give me some much need strength to get through those 3 months, this book along with praying and talking to GOD on a daily basis helped get my relationship with GOD piped up a little bit. Once I was off of probation I tried to keep up the whole drug free thing but I soon realized that it was a lot easier not to get high when I knew that if I did I’d be risking being arrested vs. making a free will choice to do so, especially for someone like me with an addictive personality. So just about a month after getting off of probation I started getting high again. I promised myself and my mom that I wasn’t going to SMOKE so when I started getting back on I was popping a lot of pills and drinking, saying to myself well she can’t be mad because I’m not SMOKING… But eventually I started smoking again and doing other stuff and saw myself right back where I was just months before but now even worse off. What I realized was that I was never going to stop getting high if I was doing it for my mom or any other human because I’d always feel as if I could hide it and keep it from them. The only time I was ever serious about not getting high and trying to live right, was when I was doing it for GOD and not for anyone else. So long story short I kept on that path of getting geeked up for a while and then another troubling event took place in my life that really hit me hard and put me in a position where I had nowhere to turn but to GOD. After the second incident I realized that it was GOD trying to talk to me, trying to get my attention to come back to Him because I had strayed away. I realized that I needed Him and his strength for the rest of my life the same way I needed him when I was on probation. I was tired of living how I was living and getting into these F****d up situations and just really realized that I needed Him, Which was his plan for me all along, to recognize how much I needed him. We often times get upset and blame GOD when “bad” things happen in life but a lot of times these situations are for our own benefit and are blessings in disguise. While I was in the middle of my struggle of being arrested I was so mad at GOD and just couldn’t understand why it was happening but now looking back at it after a year I know that getting arrested was one of the best thing that ever happened to me because had I not gotten arrested I most likely would have continued my self-destructive behavior and would not have rekindled my relationship with GOD. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a dreadful event for GOD to get our attention, He doesn’t want us to have to be in tough situations but he will do whatever it takes to get us to come to Him because he loves us and desires to have a relationship with us. I’m sharing this and including it in my first blog post so that one, you can get to know me and understand that I am not acting like I’m some perfect saint who has been living for GOD his whole life…no. I’m young, looking for fun and ways to just enjoy life, I’m just like you, you name it I’ve probably done it or been around it, I’m not denying that, but God spoke to me and he had to put me through some things in my past to get my attention and I’m so glad that he did. I’ve given my life to Christ and choosing to live for him is truly the best decision I have ever made. I want this post, and all of the post that will come after this to encourage you to start and develop a relationship with Christ or to help you to improve on your relationship with Him. I want everyone to feel the love of GOD and to see the changes that he will make in your life when you start living for him and just how amazing he is. I’m speaking from my heart and from my REAL life experiences, I’m not gassing you up or trying to throw religion in your face, I see where I am NOW and remember where I WAS not that long ago and I know it’s because of GOD. I want to pass that on to you so that you can see for yourself what God can and WILL do for you and your life.