About Me

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Everything that I will be telling you all in this blog will be from my REAL life experiences. I know I’m coming off as a motivational speaker who used to pull up to your high school and do a speech in a well-tailored suit and tell you about all of the things you were doing wrong. But that’s not me at all. I’m just like the rest of you…a 20 year old guy trying to get his sh** together, going to college, and of course hating it like everyone is, and I’m at a job that I know I don’t want be at for the rest of my life but I’m there now because it keeps money in my pocket and gas in my tank. I’m not coming to you from some office, ran by some guy in a monkey suit pulling everyone’s strings like a puppet and telling you what you want to hear. I’m just a normal person just like you. I’ve just acquired a good amount of knowledge and wisdom as I’ve grown up and feel like I’m in a place where I can share that with people and that it may have a huge effect on their lives. I’m mainly focusing and channeling my blog towards the youth, because I know they can relate to me more, with that said the content within every post will be helpful for both young and elderly people if you are open minded and looking for an increase in your life. Im simply just trying to carry out Gods purpose for my life. I have a great love for wisdom and knowledge and I feel like the most important thing to do with both is to one, use it…and not just have it sitting up in your brain growing cobwebs but to actually use it and apply it to your life and second is to share it. I feel like God has put a calling on my heart. He gave me a voice. So I have chosen to use my voice to spread some knowledge I have acquired from Him and to encourage people to build a relationship with Jesus Christ as well. I’m not telling you what I have been told by somebody else, or saw on TV, or just telling you the things that you “want to hear”. I am telling you about my life, my experiences, the knowledge and sharing it in a relatable way so that you can use and apply it to your life. It’s all real, no fugazi, no bells and whistles. My goal is that I may help and touch just one person with just one of my post that I may encourage you to have and build a relationship with God and to give you a positive outlet from the world.