Who or what is your #1 priority?


Joshua 1:8
Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.

Are you at a place in life where you feel like you aren’t hearing from God? Are you at a place where you are starting to question if God is really out there? Are you asking, “God where are you”?  Well first of all, stop asking so many questions and second of all understand that God has not gone anywhere… If you’re not spending QUALITY, and INTIMATE time with God through prayer and  meditating on His Word (day AND night) the connection you and God have when you do come to Him and pray will be very weak, making it harder for you to hear from and understand God. It’s just like any relationship, if you don’t talk to someone for a while or spend any quality time with them for a long time then randomly they show up at your door step or DM you on Instagram or something chances are it’s going to be awkward because you all don’t really have a strong connection anymore due to the fact that you all haven’t spent any QUALITY time together… It’s basically the same way with our relationship with God. If we aren’t spending time communicating with Him through prayer or reading and studying our Bible (DAILY) when we randomly start praying to God when we want something the connection is going to be weak. To strengthen up our connection with God and take our relationship with Him to a higher level we have to make a conscious effort to really get into the presence of God DAILY and truly spend some quality time with Him. I hate to break it to you but the little 30 seconds you spend reading the Word of the day on the Bible app is not going to cut it. When you’re in a committed relationship with someone you spend quality time with them not just 30 seconds every other day. That’s like you texting your girlfriend or boyfriend “good morning” and then that be the only thing you all say to each other for the whole day…A relationship like that is not going to last very long at all because there’s no connection. If you’re really looking to better your relationship with Christ and see it start to grow and reach new levels then you MUST make Him your number ONE priority. All throughout the week we make and set aside time to watch our favorite TV shows, go to the gym, go shopping, scroll up and down Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and then right before we go to bed we try to squeeze in some leftover time for God. WE have it all backwards… Our schedule needs to revolve around God, not the other way around. God should not come second to anyone or anything in our life, He needs to be number 1 and our relationship with Him should come before all things and that should be evident in how we spend our time. I’m telling you God wants to take you higher in life but first He needs to know that He is the number one priority in your life. God is calling you to be more and to do more, He doesn’t want to see you stuck at the same level that you’re at right now for the rest of your life but in order to lift you up and take you higher He needs more of YOU.


Challenge: Just how we set aside time every day/week to watch our favorite TV shows, go to the gym, go shopping, etc. I challenge you to make a schedule and set aside a specific time period every day this week for about 30 minutes to an hour (same amount of time as most TV shows we watch) and read your Bible and pray to God. Set aside some time every day this week where it’s just you and God. Show God He is the number 1 priority in your life and spend some QUALITY time with Him.